New Jersey Diesel Emision Inspection (PIF) 000448  Required by the State of New Jersey. 


All heavy-duty diesel vehicles 18,000 pounds GVWR or more are required to be tested for smoke emissions annually at a licensed Diesel Private Inspection Facility (Diesel PIF) within 90 days of your vehicle's registration or renewal.

This is also known as a "Smoke Test". This service is  $74.50 + 2.50 Sticker Charge = $77.00 total. It can be done while waiting with an appointment.

Drive a Commerical vehicle over 18,000lbs. without it... here is what WILL happen:

If you fail to have your vehicle inspected, you may be subject to a summons of $500 if stopped by law enforcement. 

If you fail a roadside smoke emission inspection conducted by MVC in conjunction with the New Jersey State Police, you will be subjected to the following penalties:

  • $700 for the first offense (reduced to $150 if paid within 45 days and with proof of repairs)
  • $1300 for the second offense (reduced to $500 if paid within 45 days and with proof of repairs)

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